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Are you a parent who is trying to help your young children speak Yoruba? As a Yoruba speaking parent, it is hard to find cartoon shows in Nigeria for children in Yoruba that can help your children speak the language. Most of what they watch is in English. The new released Yoruba version of the popular Bino & Fino children's show is made to help you with that problem. You can now download it for N2500 .

Here is a free episode.


Reviews of The Yoruba Version

"I've been looking for a creative way to teach my 9 year old daughter Yoruba. I've tried to teach her myself for 9 years and it has not worked. Without my parents close by to task with this duty... I've been stuck. Enter Bino and Fino, the Yoruba versions! She watched the second set in Yoruba over the weekend and, on her own, is already throwing around words. She greeted my husband with an "Enle oooooo" upon entering the house yesterday. Please, more!!!" -Nike Ayomide

"Very nice!!! I really enjoyed it. I am fan of the Yoruba Culture and this cartoon is simply amazing!!! You guys have my thumb's up." -William Santos Da Silva

"Fantastic! Thanks so much for this. I'm literally so excited that our kids will have videos like these in our mother tongue! We've shared it in our YorubaMums Facebook group. Looking forward to more videos." - Culture Tree TV Yoruba

"God bless the team behind this! I love every aspect of what you all are doing. From the Yoruba ijinle to the message in the show. Everything is very well put together. I've shared this with my neices and nephew. More please. Also, how can we support your work?"- Kenny's Korner

"Wow... so interesting. I love the way the Yoruba they speak is the pure unadulterated type (Ijinle) you will find in places like Ilorin, Ibadan, Abeokuta etc. Not the English adulterated types spoken on the streets in places like Lagos."- Victor Williamson

More About Bino and Fino 


Bino & Fino is the first Nigerian children’s educational show to be available for sale around the world. It is produced by us here at EVCL studios in Abuja. The first English version episode of the show was released online in October 2010. This year we made the bold step to break another barrier by producing the show in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. The show is the first cartoon to be available entirely in those languages. Our vision is to produce the show in as many Nigerian and African languages as possible and to produce a truly African children’s cartoon brand.

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Reviews of Bino and Fino English Versions

Our students love the Bino and Fino Show! It keeps their attention while teaching lessons and values. It provides teachers and parents with another resource for multicultural teaching. Our Learning Center uses Bino and Fino as a resource tool to promote multicultural education throughout the curriculum. The Bino and Fino show is a great way to introduce African culture and history to young children. We are proud supporters of the Bino and Fino Show!

— Monica & Sandra Moore - Kidz Biz


As a parent and an African cultural educator, the importance of Bino and Fino cannot be overstated. Children in the African Diaspora have a limited selection of programming that positively and accurately reflect them. They don’t see themselves represented well in the general populace which could inadvertently send the message that they are not important enough. Bino and Fino changes that by putting a little boy and little girl front and center in their own adventures. The series also highlights the African culture and helps clear misconception of what “African life” looks like. We use Bino and Fino at the CAKE Village as part of our cultural programming resource and can’t wait for more upcoming episodes.

— Lande Sanusi - CAKE Village